LaGuardia Community College Visits The Solar Roof Pod

Photograph of faculty advisor Christian Volkmann presenting the Solar Roof Pod to 30 college students visiting from LaGuardia Community College (LCC).

On Wednesday, July 20th, a group of approximately 30 college students from LaGuardia Community College (LCC) visited the active construction site of Team New York’s competition entry for the Solar Decathlon, the Solar Roof Pod. Many were aspiring engineering students. Team New York faculty advisor Christian Volkmann presented the project to the students who were pleasantly surprised to see students walking around in hardhats, assuming the role of construction workers.

Many had questions about what the design process encompasses- what does it take to become an architect or engineer? It was interesting to see the exchange of conversation between City College of New York and LaGuardia Community College students- they wanted to know what software the students here studied, and compared it to their own education.

Anthony Lugo, Director of Sustainability at LCC, coordinated the trip visit and accompanied the students. He expressed great interest and support for the project. “What’s the prize for winning?” he asked, after touring the site. Joileen Richards, an Architecture student working on the site, answered, “A good feeling, experience that will help us in the real world, and the fame of our school.”

Photograph of Anthony Lugo, Director, Campus Auxiliary Services & Sustainability: LaGuardia Community College.
Anthony leads a sustainability council, made up of students, faculty and staff, that raise awareness and reduce the College’s carbon footprint.

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