After a four hour day of public exhibit, Team New York was pleased to see its standings in the Competitions contest, ranking in at fourth place!

The Communications jury ranked the team on Public Exhibit presentation & materials, website, and its video walkthrough. The jurors’ comments exclaimed that they were thrilled to see a “penthouse with a purpose” and saw much of our enthusiasm in our tour and website.

Team New York has committed itself to extensive communication outreach since early 2010, showing others the importance of urban sustainability. Weekly presentations to building industry professionals, collaboration with local and national organizations, and probably the most published team in the competition, TEAM NEW YORK definitely got out the word about the Solar Roofpod!

The looks on visitors’ faces when they would exit the pod during the house tours speaks volume.. many people claim that this is the most attractive and space efficient home in the competition! They also state that it is the one that sets itself most apart from other homes. Such comments and expressions that we have been receiving ever since the completion of pod construction, proves that Team New York has communicated its concepts clearly!

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