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Post-Competition Publications!

Though the competition has ended, the publications for Team New York are still everywhere! Check out this list, which will also be updated continuously, to catch updates of our project during and after the competition. … Continue reading

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Team New York Accomplishments

-Youngest team (all Undergraduate) -most student-engaged project -the most PUBLISHED team, with 100+ publications covering the Solar Roofpod -ranked #4 in Communications Contest -was one of the more popular houses amongst visitors, receiving over 10,000 visitors in 10 days. -was … Continue reading

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Disassembly Week

The past few days have been very eventful for the team. We conducted our last days of public exhibition this past weekend. On Saturday, the final results of the competition were announced. Maryland, Purdue, and New Zealand secured first, second, … Continue reading

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After a four hour day of public exhibit, Team New York was pleased to see its standings in the Competitions contest, ranking in at fourth place! The Communications jury ranked the team on Public Exhibit presentation & materials, website, and … Continue reading

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Vote TEAM NEW YORK-CCNY: 24 hours left!

Only 24 hours remain.. Why should you vote for Team New York? Here’s what sets us apart from EVERY OTHER TEAM, simply & shortly: 1. Youngest team in the competition (All Undergraduates) 2. Only URBAN entry in the HISTORY of … Continue reading

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Day 17

Today we prepped for more public exhibit tours! Many visitors had questions about the feasibility of the Solar Roofpod across rooftops, and were amazed to learn that 200,000 of our prototypes can actually be established on city rooftops! We found … Continue reading

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Proud Green Home Team New York Sept Update

Beginning September 13, the team spent a week assembling and preparing the Solar Roofpod for competition. One of the most crucial aspects of the Solar Decathlon is receiving the chance to educate the public about sustainable homes. Now that the … Continue reading

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Day 16- Washington DC

Today was a long day on site. We gave public exhibit tours for four hours, and then we conducted some interviews for the press. Today the team also took a shuttle from site to the Capital Visitor Center, to hear … Continue reading

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Day 15- Washington DC

Today, forty buses of schoolchildren were rumored to have been on site. Many high school students were present to learn about our project. Affordability contest results were also announced- Team New York didn’t fare well with this contest, but we … Continue reading

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Day 14- Washington DC

[A photo featured on the US Department of Energy website] Today was Solar Education Day at West Potomac Park. Plenty of students came, many of whom were from middle schools and high schools. They were fascinated by the bird proof … Continue reading

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