Vote TEAM NEW YORK-CCNY: 24 hours left!

Only 24 hours remain..

Why should you vote for Team New York? Here’s what sets us apart from EVERY OTHER TEAM, simply & shortly:

1. Youngest team in the competition (All Undergraduates)

2. Only URBAN entry in the HISTORY of the competition

3. Our entry is not just a home- its a piece of INFRASTRUCTURE- it produces surplus energy to power OTHER residences in the building below! It manages storm water, it renews vegetation for the city, it enhances biodiversity, and improves air quality! It creates an URBAN PARK space in a busy city!

4. We’re a penthouse with a purpose: whats cooler than skyline views all throughout? And purpose- our home is not just a residence, but something that can expand to a community space on a rooftop

5. We have the only PERMANENT FOUNDATION in the competition: a steel system under the house spreads the weight of the pod across a rooftop, making it a structure that can actually work on a rooftop!

6. We have a NYC BUILDING PERMIT- we overcame more challenges than the other teams, by building our house to New York City code as well!

7. We’re the most DIVERSE team- you’ll find 25+ nationalities on our team! We represent many ethnicities and bring our backgrounds to this colorful project.

8. Students built EVERY single panel in this house. While other teams relied on professionals to do the work, we worked day and night for 1.5 years doing ALL the marketing, engineering, design, construction documents, renderings, virtual videos, CONSTRUCTION, etc. etc. etc.

9. We bring together a variety of FIELDS on this project-we represent New York City business, we represent the young couple who wants to enjoy a nice community space, we represent the rich and the poor.. we represent young Brooklyn designers Asher Israelow and Produce, thereby representing New York’s special entrepreneurship and small-scale cultural producers

10. We’re the only house that relates to a larger plan- PLANYC 2030, New York City mayor’s sustainability agenda. Our goals relate to that of a much more feasible plan.

11. We built our house on a ROOF… can it get any more realistic than that? Our structure withstands wind loads, it withstood AN EARTHQUAKE, AND HURRICAN IRENE!

Support innovation.. support change.. GO TEAM NEW YORK- CITY COLLEGE! VOTE HERE:

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