Team New York Prepares for Fall 2010!

Proud Green Home’s article:

The fall semester has commenced at The City College of New York, and the persistence of the Solar Decathlon Team New York members has strongly endured the change of seasons!

This semester, we continue our student club meetings and begin with the addition of extra classes which engage various aspects of the Solar Roof Pod, our entry into next year’s Solar Decathlon competition in Washington D.C. The next phase of the competition requires us to complete a set of construction documents, due later this fall. Consequently, engineering and architecture students alike are participating in courses which will further develop technical aspects of our project. Moreover, our student club continues to attract students of other disciplines.

Our project is tapping into New York City’s environmental agenda. A recent meeting with the mayor’s office indicated that our project is advancing in the same steps as current New York City legislation regarding sustainable issues. We were told that our project will support the future for a greener NYC. And, we are even more confident that the Solar Roof Pod is realistic because New York City data accommodates the construction and operation of such a prototype.

As the student public relations representative for our team, I have the opportunity to attend meetings with various school heads, media corresponds, industry professionals, alumni and students of all years and majors. The Solar Decathlon competition has allowed me to build my confidence and improve upon communication skills that are so vital in the professional world!

During the school year, many students are so buried in the imposed college curriculum that they fail to take advantage of outside opportunities. However, it is important to venture out into the real world during college. Competing in the Solar Decathlon allows our students to establish that link to the professional world. Networking is essential and inherent to learning opportunities. Plus, you may even pick up a career opportunity on the way. The competition has personally impacted me by allowing me to develop clear and coherent communication skills.

Here’s to hoping that the students not only become better at voicing their opinions in the real world, but that our voices are heard as we promote green home design in the urban context!

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