Disassembly Week

The past few days have been very eventful for the team. We conducted our last days of public exhibition this past weekend. On Saturday, the final results of the competition were announced. Maryland, Purdue, and New Zealand secured first, second, and third place respectively. US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu also was present at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, and mentioned the Solar Roofpod several times in his speech, more than any other project! Citing the Solar Roofpod as ‘an unprecedented’ project, we were proud to hear our project mentioned in his speech.

On Sunday, we conducted our last day of public exhibition. That evening, we began disassembly.

The pod will return to a rooftop on campus for permanent location after disassembly in Washington DC.

The students shared many different sentiments about the outcome of the competition- however, we know we are winners because we never compromised the integrity of our design for the true concept.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the team in these past two years, we will keep you posted on what happens to the pod afterwards!

Photo of student presenting interior of Solar Roofpod

Photo of public lining up for Solar Roofpod tours

Photo of Solar Roofpod under rainbow

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