Day 17

Today we prepped for more public exhibit tours! Many visitors had questions about the feasibility of the Solar Roofpod across rooftops, and were amazed to learn that 200,000 of our prototypes can actually be established on city rooftops! We found that there were many more families on site today, and had to explain our concepts in terms that all age ranges could understand. The birdproof glass on our facade is one popular feature, which prevents birds from colliding into our building- this is achieved through an etching on the glass panel.

The NYC Subway door is another popular feature of the home- laughter full of delight and shocked sounds escape visitor’s mouths, as they see the door hidden behind a cabinet panel, serving as one of two entries to the mechanical room! The entire home is built to NYC building code, and so we needed a fire-rated door, with the subway door serving that purpose.

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