Washington DC Days 5-7

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday have been a complete blur. It has been a true race to get our house completed, and after a long shift, we feel confident.

On Saturday, we received our City College clothing, courtesy of the Architecture Alumni Group! It kept us warm for the cooler weather in Washington DC.

Our landscaping and ramping went in over the weekend. We also worked on many of our engineering systems in and around the house, with professionals on board to guide us and keep us on track. Today, Monday, we tested our successful irrigation system, placed in plants into the planter bins of our deck, and passed a series of inspections! We are also moving in the furniture, and gave the landscaping and handrails some finishing staining. We hope you will enjoy our beautiful outdoors space as much as you enjoy the largest living room in the competition! Tomorrow, we have a few hours remaining to finish the house completely, and then on Wednesday and Thursday, we allow the media and VIPs to tour our house and ask us questions.

What keeps us going is the shouts of “TEAM NEW YORK!” which has become a frequent chant during our daily team meetings. Daily challenges of being able to complete tasks on time, coordination, group meals, etc. have become a part of daily life, and the Solar Village has become our home. It is an amazing experience to see 18 other homes being built at great speeds around us. It’s almost hard to believe that we once stood on an empty plot of land with nothing but cranes dotting the sky.. Now we stand before a beautifully completed urban solar powered home. A 2 year journey is almost ending.. Wish us luck and some visit us in Washington DC from September 23-Oct 2!

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