Washington DC – Day 8

Today, a series of events happened one after the other. The entire day, we had to finish up the interior and engineering systems of the pod, and clean up the site. Our trucks had to be loaded and sent off West Potomac Park.

We COMPLETED assembly!! At the same time, we also ended a series of inspections– nearly THIRTY inspection tests that we passed! Such inspections included public safety, mechanical, electrical, etc. tests that, when completed, deemed our site a home. No longer do we need to wear hardhats on our property! Other teams did not pass certain inspections, or did not seem to complete construction. We were very grateful and appreciative.

Our evening was nice as it was the first time we could really enjoy the finished pod. We sat inside our livingroom for a team meeting, discussing competition and strategy. Dinner (out on our deck and garden space) and a movie pursued. The movie was a pleasant surprise- it was a timelapse from the web camera installed on the NAC, a tall building on our school campus. We saw our entire summer FLASH before our eyes- it was truly amazing and heartwarming to see the construction of the pod happen so quickly. Funny- 4 minutes to build the pod (the length of the timelapse) and 4 days to take it down (length of disassembly at City College of New York)

The interior of the pod contains great interior design, with carefully selected furniture and great decor pieces. Such pieces include a telescope (to be able to view the skyline and surrounding rooftop views through your window!), books about New York City, and a photo collage of students during pod construction. Just take a peek and you will see all the details inside the place we have made our home.

Now, we can state we have two homes in Washington DC: Our hotel in Georgetown, and the Solar Roofpod!

We will spend the next 2 days conducting VIP Tours, and Media interviews. Then, we begin the ten contests and compete to WIN the Solar Decathlon 2011!

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