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There are a number of reasons it is appropriate for us to garner the broadest possible public support (and votes) for TeamNY and the Solar Roof Pod.

1. UNDERGRADUATE TEAM: The core of TeamNY is composed exclusively of B.Arch students – said to be the only all-undergraduate team amongst the 20 entries.

2. BROAD SUPPORT: The breadth, depth and diversity of tangible and very active support is extraordinary. We at City College have become accustomed to alumni, industry, professional, faculty, university and college support. We have been told that amongst the teams, TeamNY is particularly fortunate in this regard.

3. ARCHITECTURAL QUALITY: The Solar Roof pod is an architecturally compelling design and an extremely well-executed and beautifully finished building – inside and out.

4. URBAN CONCEPT: The Roof Pod is a uniquely urban solution in a field of
suburban designs. This gives the Roof Pod maximum potential for making a
significant positive impact.

5. STUDENT INVOLVEMENT There are credible reports that City College students have been, and continue to be the most involved and responsible – particularly striking for undergraduates. With skillful and dedicated faculty guidance, the continual and intense 18-month involvement of our students – from conceptualization and design, through construction, assembly, and operation in Washington – is truly special.

6.TEAM DIVERSITY: The students themselves reported in an early post from
Washington that TeamNY is the most diverse team in the 2011 Decathlon. Others who have visited the 2011 sites confirm this.

I hope these reasons help you to motivate members of the public to vote for TeamNY in the 2011 PEOPLE’S CHOICE balloting.

Go to: to vote and read great TeamNY reporting and
posts by students

Go to: and click on first item in NEWS window to see SSA

Gordon A. Gebert
Professor & Deputy Chair
Spitzer School of Architecture

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