To Florida We Go!


1/18/11 Florida: International Builder’s Show

The Solar Decathlon Team traveled to Florida for a four day trip full of conferences, networking, industry promotion, media training, and more. We left New York just in time to escape another snowstorm, and arrived at the International Builders (IBS) Show, sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, ready to display our newest model of the Pod.

The students gathered every night in one hotel room to exchange notes about all the products we had seen in the IBS Show. The IBS Show showcased products from all around the world, in an effort to attract industry professionals and promote innovations in construction and design. More than 1,000 companies were available to exhibit their product in one of the largest convention centers in the United States, from Jan 12-15th.

All 20 Solar Decathlon teams, consisting of universities from around the world, were present at the convention to display their models for the Solar Decathlon Exhibit. Thousands of visitors, from the general public to media correspondents to industry professionals, were educated by Team New York, the only urban entry in the competition.

The International Builders Show was just one part of the Solar Decathlon event. The Design Development Workshop was a way for the teams to engage with the competition organizers to discuss the ten contests of the Solar Decathlon, and receive feedback on project deliverables, including the Construction Drawings set, Project Manual, and Health and Safety Plan. Team members also attended a Media Training session and various other seminars.

All in all, the International Builders Show proved to be an excellent source of information. The team found many potential sponsors, all interested in utilizing their products for our Solar Roof Pod. From solar panel installers to insulation, a variety of innovative technologies were available for us to educate ourselves on.

As the New Year begins, what will be in store for Team New York? Students will be building the pod! Construction phase is the main focus for the coming months. 2010 was the phase of design, 2011 will be the build in reality.


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