The Envelope keeps the interior space insulated and air tight to keep thermal energy loss to a minimum, yet provide ventilation when necessary.


The RoofPod’s glazed curtain wall distinguishes it from the more typical brick- and masonry-clad treatment of older urban buildings. Its comprised of 64 poplar wood-framed “building blocks,” which are air-tight, and well-insulated, and stacked in a four-part, prefabricated assembly. The block assembly varies, with infills that are opaque, translucent, transparent, louvered, fixed or operable infill, depending on function. One features “bird-safe” glazing: a UV- reflective patterned coating nearly invisible to humans, but visible to birds. It reduces the deadly effect on birds of glass that mirrors sky or habitat.


The juxtaposition of older, largely brick and masonry building cladding with the glazed curtain wall cladding of the RoofPod will be exciting in the urban context.