Team New York Project Gains Momentum

Team New York Hard at Work!

Team New York has been busy working on construction documents, working towards the completion of a built reality for the 2011 Solar Decathlon. The compilation of construction documents — a set of drawings that analyze the construction details of a structure — involves the heavy coordination of architects and engineers.

This milestone has proven to be a heavy collaboration amongst both architecture and engineering students alike. It is a privilege, in a university setting, for the two majors to work together on a project that will actually be constructed.

“[Solar Decathlon] is a great opportunity for students to build a green house from scratch,” says Freddy Urichima, an engineering student and team member.

Team New York’s morale is high as we race ahead in our energy awareness training campaign. For The City College of New York, our entry into the Solar Decathlon has really become a platform with which to inform our neighbors about the importance of cost and energy effective solutions. It is possible for urban contexts such as New York City, for example, to create affordable housing which is truly aware of the high global energy consumption.

In the past few weeks, Team New York has received the chance to educate the public about sustainability through the Urban Green Exposition in New York City, as well as the Green Buildings Festival in Brooklyn. Both events provided the opportunity to inform the city’s residents about the importance of solar energy, and received public attention throughout the city.

The Urban Green Exposition, presented by the Urban Green Council and the U.S Green Building Council of New York, is a green building conference and trade show that draws thousands of visitors, both professionals and home owners. This year’s theme unearthed how green buildings could metaphorically and literally “push the envelope” to create energy efficient building envelopes.

Team New York’s project drew much acclaim from professionals in solar and construction fields. The display of the model intrigued many questions from those aiming to learn about solar energy, while professionals tried to explain different ways the model was a powerful concept.

The Green Buildings Festival attracted people of all ages. The outdoor festival allowed our team members to see that green housing must become accessible and adaptable to different parts of the city, not only iconic Manhattan.

“I really enjoyed the Brooklyn event because it renewed my spirit in the Solar Decathlon,” said Joileen Richards, a member of the Solar Decathlon team. “People are ready for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly building. We got great feedback, not just from people working in the field, but from ordinary people. This lets me know that our design for the Solar Decathlon is what this city has been waiting for. We need new standards, other than just LEED certification to make housing more sustainable and readily available.”

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