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Image of Film Crew: Julian Jiménez Madideo, Octavio Warnock-Graham, and Milan Maric
Film Crew: Julian Jiménez Madideo, Octavio Warnock-Graham, and Milan Maric

From in class studio sessions and informative presentations, to on site construction and travels, the film crew that has been filming Team New York has witnessed so much of the amazing journey the students have taken. Octavio Warnock-Graham, Milan Maric, and Julian Jiménez Madideo have been able to get a true ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at the vision Team New York is trying to achieve, as well as the obstacles conquered to approach this phase.

The film crew, a collaboration between The City College of New York’s MFA Film program, and CUNY TV, have creatively titled their documentary, “Solarscape: Chasing those that Chase the Sun.” It captures the essence of the students in their working modes! From the smiles frustration in all project phases (conception, design, construction, and operation), the documentary will allow viewers to see that students have adapted roles in many areas of expertise, including architecture, engineering, marketability, graphic design, and communications. What will perhaps be entertaining to see is the collaboration of architecture and engineering students: a constant struggle and compromise which represents the true reality of architects and engineers in the professional world!

The documentary is sure to be an informative and inspiring film, showcasing the Solar Roofpod as a realistic vision. Look out for the documentary when it airs during Earthday Week on Channel 75, CUNY TV.

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