Day 16- Washington DC

Today was a long day on site. We gave public exhibit tours for four hours, and then we conducted some interviews for the press.

Today the team also took a shuttle from site to the Capital Visitor Center, to hear the results for the Architecture contest. While we did not win, we applaud the three teams that did. The competition was very tight between all teams, with there being only 16 points between first and last place!

Tonight Dinner Party # 2 also took place. Two of us had a nice Massachusetts meal at Massachusett’s home, with two representatives from Ohio, two from California, and two from Massachusetts. This is one of the events that allows the teams to socialize. We learned about where each of us was from, about our career aspirations, and hobbies. We learned that many of us dealt with similar challenges while building each of our respective homes in Washington DC, and even the same ‘studio’ struggles of designing the home.

Team New York served a diverse meal, to bring out the fact that we are composed of many ethnicities. We served a Greek salad, an Indian entree- chicken tikka masala, and a Dominican dessert.

P.S. Only two days left to vote for us in the People’s Choice Award, so don’t forget!

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