Day 14- Washington DC

Photo of public visitor scanning code to vote for Team New York for People's Choice Award
[A photo featured on the US Department of Energy website]

Today was Solar Education Day at West Potomac Park. Plenty of students came, many of whom were from middle schools and high schools. They were fascinated by the bird proof glass of the exterior facades of the Solar Roofpod.

Tonight, we’re hosting a dinner party for our neighbors on the site, keeping energy efficiency in mind. Less reliance on appliance is better. Our meals reflect diversity, so we are taking recipes from different ethnicities from team members. The teams have to judge each other! The dinner will continue on this week.

Six of our team members went to other homes- two went to Ohio’s home, two went to CalTech’s home, and two went to Massachusett’s home. Consequently, these other three teams came to our pod for dinner.

Team NY members dining in Massachusett's home

We had four hours of exhibition today, from 10 am to 2 pm, and over 1000 visitors came in that time period! Lets keep the momentum going, and lets keep voting for Team New York for People’s Choice! You can vote at:

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