Day 12- Washington DC

It has been a long day of public exhibits and interviews! We had a TON of visitors enter the pod today! Lets go Team New York!

In other news, Team New York is rising slowly but surely in the polls..! Our ranking is rising..!

Every day is long here, and we accept the challenges as we go. Mornings begin with carpooling to the site, and coming back to our hotel exhausted, yet still feeling competitive.

It is wonderful to see the public engaging with the Solar Roofpod, appreciating its craftsmanship and urban concept. The sight of the visitors utilizing the livingroom, the largest in the competition, was extraordinary. Three young children climbed up on a long armchair in the living space, with wide smiles on their faces.
“This seat is the best feature here in the competition!” exclaimed one visitor, as he sat down on a seat.

In exciting news, we have been getting great PR coverage, including a video and article by USA Today. An Italian television show also shot extensive video of our pod, doing a great walkthrough of the interior design of the pod, and conducted a lengthy interview with our Faculty Advisor Christian Volkmann today.

Yesterday evening, the lighting competition took place, to judge the lighting design at night.

Solar Roofpod shining brightly at night

Today, Team New York is down to position number 2 in the People’s Choice Award, after having had been number one. Please take the time to vote!

For more updates, check out: for a blog progress of our team!

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